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Tipp The Taxi Driver


This was the U.K Premiere of the comedy ‘Tipp the Taxi Driver’

Written by North East Playwright Tom Casling, Published by New Theatre Publications and Directed by Mr Ken Martin.

The play is set in the North East and deals with the complex relationships which can develop between the most unlikely of people.  Tipp is married to Margaret, his long suffering wife.  He is by profession a Taxi Driver although these days he drives reluctantly choosing to do only the jobs he wants to. Tipp spends his days in his arm chair watching quiz shows and re-living the day he almost won through to the finals of daytime quiz programme. Then one evening he gets a call that intrigues him to take a passenger to the Tyne Tees Television Studios. She has won a part in The Big Market a new T.V. Soap to be based in the North East. This is a comedy which explores the complex relationships which can develop between the most unlikely of people.

Date: 20 Mar 2012 – 24 Mar 2012
Location: The Customs House – Mill Dam, South Shields, Tyne & Wear

Cast & Crew Information

 Tommy Tipp Margaret Tipp Rachel Walsh

Keith Wigham


Lynn Rogers


Alison Beveridge


Dave/Police Officer Bobbie Annabel

Malcolm Quinn


Dawn Sheersmith


Libby Kennedy


Deputy Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Stage Manager


Joe Coulson (trainee)


Philip Martin



Review by: Michelle Coulson (NODA) on Tuesday 20 March 2012 performance

Keith Wigham, cast in the title role, gave a flawless performance. He moved with ease between the comedy scenes, showing expert timing and delivery, and the poignant scenes where he showed great emotion. The character “Tipp” was in every scene hardly leaving the stage and with an actor of this calibre in the lead role it gave the play an excellent first viewing, The roles of “Margaret” Tipp’s long suffering wife, played by Lynn Rogers, and “Rachel” his young companion, played by Alison Beveridge, were portrayed with sincerity and conviction. The relationships between the three main characters were believable and there was superb rapport in all of their scenes. Malcolm Quinn in the roles of the policeman and TV producer gave excellent support, the scene where the policeman stopped and breathalysed Tipp being particularly well played,
This play has many scenes moving between Tipp’s lounge, the taxi, TV studios and café and Ken Martin’s direction made good use of the stage using simple sets, props and good lighting to maximum effect.

All in all this was an excellent evening’s entertainment with definite laugh out loud moments as well as touching moments and it received a warm response from those present. Congratulations to all the cast and crew.

Review by: Fred Piggford (NODA) on Thursday 22 March 2012 performance

Many thanks for a wonderful evening’s entertainment last night. I did really enjoy the play and must congratulate everyone who took part in any way from the cast to the backstage crew, everyone worked very hard.

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