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14th September 2012 – Sedgefield festival 7.30pm (download festival schedule)

This will be Moon in the Sky’s entry into the Sedgefield One Act Festival in September.

David Clark has reached a crisis in his life. He can see no way out of it and no point in going on, so he has decided to end it all.

He has made his plan and decided how to take his life. He is going to jump off the Tyne Bridge. As he climbs out onto the edge of the bridge he decides to leave one final message for his wife, as if by way of an explanation.

He cannot face talking to her directly so he decides to leave a message on the answer machine knowing she will be out.

Then the interruptions begin.


David Clarke (jumper)
Jan (police officer)
Sam (junior doctor)

Tom Casling


Jean Ord


Claire Sadler


Angry Man
Voice Off

Paul Monaghan


Ken Martin



Stage Manager


Joe Coulson (trainee)


John Ord

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