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Alter Ego



Richard has reached a crisis in his life; he has no job, little prospects of getting one other than in car sales which he hates and he has lost all his self confidence. His wife is at a loss and at the end of her tether with him. “who would have my life?” is his regular retort.

Then one morning Richard wakes up to find his own obituary in a local newspaper and condolence cards on his doormat. it would appear that someone would indeed have Richards’s life or at least his identity. This play is a comedy which addresses the very serious issue of Identity Theft.


Tom Casling is new to writing and only began writing in 2005 with his first play the Artful Lodger.  Since then he has become one of the resident writers for Moon in the Sky Theatre and for Chester Le Street Theatre Group.  He has gone on to write 6 more full length plays including: An Honourable Life, Hell Hath No Fury, the Day Out, Grandad, Tipp the Taxi Driver and Alter Ego.  Tom has also written several one Act Plays including: Jumpers’, ‘Sanctuary’, ‘’Do We Know His Parents’, ‘Seasons in the Sun’, and ‘Children of the Revolution’.  All of the above titles have been published by and are available from New Theatre Publications.


Gordon Bond is an accomplished Director and until recently was one of the six resident directors of the Durham Dramatic Society, based at The City Theatre.  He recently gave up this role to concentrate on working with a variety of groups local.  In March 2006 Gordon’s entry of Lee, a powerful short play by Ken Cotterall, won through to the Regional Finals of the All England One Act Festivals where they took the award for Best Individual Performance, adding to the numerous awards won at the previous round. They also took Best Technical, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor at the Richmond Festival for the same piece of work. Gordon’s 2007 production for the festivals, Hidden Meanings, saw him scoop Best Set and Best Supporting Actor, and in September 2008. Gordon was the director In September 2010 Gordon directed Moon in the Sky’s entry into the Sedgefield Festival: Gillian Plowman’s Close to Croydon which won six awards including Best Set, Best Technical, Best Actor, Best for Endeavour, Mayors Award, and Runners up Award


Graham Robinson Lundy:  We would like to offer a special Thanks to Graham for all the preliminary work he undertook to help us get the play off the ground, to cast it and for his assistance in proof reading the script and making the necessary changes.

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